One day a Wikia user by the name of Smartythehedgehog gets bored after making 75 articles on a wiki. So he goes outside his blandish apartment and decides to ride a skateboard across the Skate Park. Some asshole comes out of nowhere and kicks Smarty's skateboard, Smarty fights back and both got kicked out of the Park. Smartythehedgehog was not that stupid at that moment and decided to go to a restaurant. As he walks in a huge line appears and Smarty got furious. So he waited....and waited....and waited until he got to the counter to ask for what he wants. Smarty had 50 bucks so it was worth a deluxe meal, a few hours later he exited the restaurant and found the same asshole. And the asshole is actually an admin from another Wiki called SloshedTrain, another epic battle begins and SloshedTrain loses after he was thrown into a trash can head first. Lesson Learned: Smartythehedgehog is ALWAYS smart.