1. (This one is the most obvious) You can make articles of anything you want but no vandalism. If you are spotted doing vandailism you will have a 1 day ban and increases everytime you vandalise until it is an infnitie ban.

2 .Make sure you don't post photos or make articles with content over 18. However there are a few exceptions.

3. Please check my blog daily if there are any updates to these rules. No exceptions, YOU WILL NOT BE excused if you did something that broke the rules. I like to run a tight business here.

4.No spam, seriously its nothing to the admin's eyes.

5.No Chat articles (Extremely more obvious than 1.)

6.If your posting Fanon, R is the highest rating. If it's NC-17 it will have to adhere with the exceptions with over 18 content as stated above.

Rule Blog Posts