4chan is a very popular english imageboard website created by Christopher Poole in October 1, 2003. It's current Alexa Rank is 937. 4chan has been linked to many internet subcultures and activism such as Project Chanology. The site's anonymous community and culture has often provoked media attention. Journalists also looked at how an internet destination was hijacked for a prank so that images of Rick Astley appeared instead of the page that was searched for. And fighted if their prank was attacked.


4chan was started in the bedroom of then 15 year old Christopher Poole during 2003 in New York City. Before he started 4chan he was part of the Something Awful forums. 4chan was originally used to discuss Japanese Comics and anime, an american version to the popular japanese imageboard Futaba Channel (2chan).


A troll group known as Anonymous originated from this imageboard and are activists. Famous operations were Project Chanaology and Project Megaupload, they also did Habbo Hotel raids for rumors of the creator of Habbo Hotel being racist. Members socialize in the darknet and wear Guy Fawkes masks (reason the're called anonymous.) Operations are usually done through Ddos attacks.